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Oh So Heavenly Lip Balm Review

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I have never been so curious to try a product before. Firstly, I love this brand because it does not test on animals. This is a huge bonus in my books. A company that respects Animal Rights is hard to come by. So I would just like to thank Oh So Heavenly for doing their part!

Right, onto the product. As I opened up my Mint To Be lip balm, I got really excited to see glitter. Life is always better with a bit of glitter. The lip ice itself is soft on application and my lips feel like they have been hydrated. I do not need to reapply as often as I do other products.

The container is really cute only problem I have with it is the fact that it looks a bit weird in my pocket. The flavour is strong and the product is really easy to use because I just slid it on. I do not have to get my nails dirty.

The Lip Balm comes in a few flavours: Mint to Be, Strawberry Smooch, Cupcake Kisses, Chocolate Caress and the newest one Pineapple Paradise. 

My favourites are: Mint to Be and and Strawberry Smooch.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Make sure you have a bag though.

Availability: These products are available at any Clicks store



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